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We are an IT services provider founded in 2002, with headquarters in Barcelona and Madrid, specialized in the development and maintenance of management applications in a wide variety of technologies.



Our organization is formed by over a hundred IT technicians and consultants that provide high-Quality Services to public and private organizations in a variety of sectors. We are specialized in Projects, Maintenance and IT Services using cutting edge technologies.


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We take special care of our relationship with our two most valuable assets: Our Clients and Technicians. We keep our people close, to adapt and offer our best.


We adapt to the needs of our clients. Our light, independent and efficient company structure, allow us to react to any issue or request quickly and effectively.


We take maximum commitment in all of our projects and services, in the form of warranties with our clients or by signing stable collaboration agreements.


Our partnership structure (100% of shareholding by employees) provides total independence from third parties and gives us full autonomy to manage Carver according to every moment’s needs.


We carry on our projects and services with highly qualified and certified technicians, through the intensive use of methodologies and using the main quality and security standards
(ISO 9001:2015 ,ISO/IEC 27001:2013), as it is defined in our Policy. All our services and projects are endorsed by ISO 15504 and ISO 33001 Level 3 certifications.


We have a Technology department (Carver Lab.) with full dedication to Research and Development. As well as the continuous investigation of the latest tech trends, Carver Lab provides support to projects and services in new technologies and develops its own initiatives.


A relevant characteristic is the integration of the sales and technical functions, which assures a unique responsibility in the hole action in front of a client and a direct relation between what is defined in the offer stage and what is delivered through the development of the projects and services, independently of the specialists, resources that participate.