Products that are born from our technological experience

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Carver Lab

Carver Lab is a laboratory of ideas, continuous research and a meeting point for disruptive technologies. Areas such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, VR, RPA process automation or Internet of Things are the responsibility of this department.

Its mission is to generate new products and solutions for our clients with our Technology Department, that has full dedication of resources in R + D + i, as well as in collaboration with the global ecosystem of startups that surrounds us. Carver Lab also supports the company’s projects and services in the use of new technologies.

Our Products


Electronic Signature Service Platform for all the business processes of an entity. It manages all the authentication and integration needs, through the use of electronic signature with the corresponding prove, necessary to comply with the law.


Minerva is a product for the natural language processing (NLP). It consists of a web application that allows business users to configure the behaviour of an NLP engine. The product allows the automation of business processes that require Artificial Inteligence to make decisions from text inputs in any format (Excel sheets, emails, DBs, etc.). There is a great number of business processes that can be automated through RPA and, in these cases, Minerva provides a module that adds a layer of AI to the robots, in order to make decisions through text interpretation. Minerva can be trained for each client and business case, to comprehend the specific language of the business it has to automate. The engine can be integrated through it’s REST API and is usually implemented as a tool to classify text (MTC) or as a virtual assistant (MUS).

Insurance Products


System that manages the comprehensive administrative cycle of insurance products that are marketed by any entity of the Guild of Mutual Insurance Companies. It allows to manage clients, product workshops, policies, collections, claims, services, etc.


Solution that allows the comprehensive management of automobile files and various expert reports and insurance expertise. Allows you to create damage assessments, minutes management, appraisal control and connection with insurers


Comprehensive solution for insurance brokers and mediators that allows administrative, commercial, accounting and documentary management.


Solution focused on dealers, mediators, rental companies and large companies that manage fleets of owned vehicles, second-hand vehicles, demonstrations and courtesies, scooter fleets and electric bicycles or VTCs. It allows inventory with high and low, manage insurance and has a scorecard with the main indicators of fleet management.


Application that provides price comparisons and insurance coverage of different companies and that allows customization of the same in accordance with corporate guidelines. The intellectual property of the developments and adaptations made to measure belongs to the client.