We offer a tailor-made solution for

every project our clients entrust us with.

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Technology Consulting

We study the current situation of the IT department of our clients, platforms, tools, methodologies and languages used. From that analisis, we suggest a series of recommendations to reduce costs of the Department, facilitate the application maintenance, reduce errors and improve performance of the IT systems.

Project Development and Management

We develop IT projects for out clients. We set up the team based on functional know-how and the techological experience required in each case. We suggest, based on the client’s situation, agile or classical working methodologies, We give special attention to testing in order to provide high quality software. We have a high level of experience with a variety of environments (Java, .NET, Android, etc.).

Maintenance Services

We mantain software applications in many technologies (Java, .Net, Host, etc), through full or partial Outsourcing. We offer a service adapted to the needs of our clients.

Provision of Services

We provide technicians qualified in top notch technologies to cover a variety of profiles that require very specific training and knowledge. This Service includes the follow up and management of the technicians and their progress, done by the manager assigned to do continuous evaluation, as well as inmediate substitution of technicians by client’s request or any unplanned circumstances.

Business Intelligence

In this category of service we include all the projects that want to achieve a conversion from data to valuable information that is usefull to manage a business.

These services go from the processing of huge amounts of data, normalized or not, to detail data analyses. The objective is that the users receive in a friendly simple manner, all the information that will allow them to improve any aspect of their business.

We are Qlik Partners since 2016, and we are speciallized in Qlik Sense developments.


We offer this approach because it’s a progressive method to ensure the delivery of software with a meaningful improvement in quality. Through DevOps services we optimize and automate IT processes in companies. As a result, the software is highly tested, and the development, deployment and security is improved.


We provide differential value in development projects and software maintenance. We have technical specialists in Quality Assurance based on the systematization of processes associated with software development, continuous inspection, performance testing, test automation and tool implementation.